As a driver, did you take the defensive driving course that safeguards your life? Knowing defensive driving helps yourself and fellow drivers to be safe on the road is vital. 

No matter how cautious you are while driving, there's always a chance that another vehicle can come into your path and cause a collision.

The practice of defensive driving can help you minimize your risk of being in an accident. In this blog, we will discuss the top 6 defensive driving techniques. So keep reading!

1. Avoid distractions

One of the most important defensive driving techniques is avoiding distractions during driving. These distractions may be:

  • Changing the music,

  • Mobile calls,

  • Radio stations,

  • Conversion with other passengers in the vehicle.

It is a standard practice to avoid distractions when you are driving a car and vehicles. There is nothing wrong with changing the music or having a conversation while driving, but make sure your attention or focus is on driving and it doesn’t distract you from the road. 

driving safely

Don’t forget to check and set the mirror before driving. It is to avoid distracting yourself by adjusting mirrors during driving. Having a clear view when driving is necessary, so set the mirrors beforehand.

2. Maintain a safe distance between vehicles

For any defensive driver, knowing the safe distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front/the vehicle in the back is vital. Keep in mind the three-second rule. It means to keep a minimum of three seconds of your driving time between the vehicle in front of you and your vehicle based on your current driving speed. 

Try to have sufficient space between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. For example, you can drive your vehicle in the centre lane for an adequate distance. Also, you can switch lanes when a vehicle is tailgating you. When you cannot change lanes, you can press the brake, which makes tailgating vehicles understand that you will slow down. 

3. Beware of heavy traffic